US NATO Ambassador Forewarns Russia To Cease Mad Behavior

US NATO Ambassador Forewarns Russia To Cease Mad Behavior. Russia must take responsibility for the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria she reports.

On Saturday, the U.S., France and the U.K. conducted 105 airstrikes on government targets in Syria following a suspected chemical weapons attack in the town of Douma, believed to have killed at least 70 people. Russia is an ally of the Syrian regime and had promised, in 2013, to rid Syria of chemical weapons.

The U.S. Ambassador to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchison said that Russia had not fulfilled its promises and needed to change its behavior.

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“Stop the mad behavior, the malign influence that you’re sewing all over the world, it’s time to come into the community of nations and if you do so we will welcome you,” Kay Bailey Hutchison told Willem Marx on CNBC‘s “Street Signs” Monday.

US NATO Ambassador Forewarns Russia To Cease Mad Behavior

“I hope that Russia will take the responsibility for this,” she added. “Russia was the guarantor (that Syria would not use chemical weapons), Russia is the supporter of Syria, Russia has the bases there. They need to take responsibility for the commitments they have made internationally to stop the use of chemical weapons,” she said.

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Russia condemned the airstrike, calling it an “act of aggression” and said the U.S. and its allies had staged the chemical weapons attack in Douma in order to destabilize a political settlement to the civil war.

Hutchison said Russia was meant to be keeping its ally Syria in line, but had not done so.

“Russia should be getting the message that we’re not going to back down, that we’re going to stay within the rules of international engagement, we have now tried to degrade some of the capability in Syria but Russia was meant to do that on their own. Now it’s time for Russia to step up and keep their international commitments,” she said.

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The U.S. is expected to announce more sanctions on Russia on Monday because of its support for the Syrian regime.

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