An Open Letter To Singer Eedris Abdulkareem By A Nigerian Naval Officer

Remember the Naval Officer,Kola Onifotowho rewrote the story of a beggar, Emmanuel, wrongly accused of being a ritualist and almost lynched at Ikeja UnderBridge in Lagos? Well he’s back again, and Nigerian veteransinger, Eedris Abdulkareem is topping his least with his recent rants.

Here’s his letter below;

“OPEN LETTER TO EDRIS ABDULKAREEMI remember making a post for you on my wall couple of years ago talking about the few good music you were able to drop for our listening.

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I applauded the rhymes, the flow and the delivery as usual, this is our own EDRIS, same man who dissed a whole president, same man who gave us the Mr Lecturer song and many other hits way back..Same EDRIS who stood his ground against 50Cent in a plane that year and sincerely we Nigerians are proud of you..Recently sir, you’ve been trying so hard to be relevant, you’ve been engaging successful colleagues and have been more controversial than ever.

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We would have appreciated you more if you would drop songs about our economic situation in the country yet again, you are good at that sir..The height of it was kicking an up and coming artiste on stage, kicking him on the balls because he didn’t pay proper homage to E-money.

So you can lick ass and stoop so low to impress some certain people? That you would disgrace a young boy on stage?Sir, I think you should go for mental evaluation, you and black face..

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Hit the studio and do more good music. Respect is not bought in music, it is commanded. Kolapo.”

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