A JOURNEY WITH STEP – MUM – Season 1 Episode 2


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I realized ones she is my dads wife we had no choice than to call her mum.

I waked up late the next morning cos I was not having lectures. Jessica had an early lecture so she left house very early. Dad had also gone for work. I entered the cleaning room to brush. I saw Susan in the kitchen washing the dishes.

I approached her and greeted softly with arrogance…

Me: good morning maam
Susan: good morning Albert . I can see you not comfortable with calling me mum, she said gently and smiled. I wound be happy if you call me Susan.

Me: oohh am comfortable with that besides you my step mother now.
We laughed together and i went back to my room. Susan is really good looking I must confess again. The way her eye balls were rolling as we were having the chat really drove me crazy. I imagined her to be my girlfriend not a step mother.

I came back to the living room to watch this funny “lil wayne” movie. In fact my ambition was actually to chat Susan to know more about her as my step mother . within 34minutes she was done with her kitchen work and joined me in the hall. She was attracted to the movie.

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Susan: hey Albert how old are you. And can you tell me more about yourself. Am your step mother now (she gave a smile).

Me: (smiled back), am 23, now in legon level 100. I guess dad have told you more than these.

Susan: of course. I just wanted you to tell me more. Anyway you such a handsome guy.

Her shaking lips drove my attention to check her smooth legs in her short nika.

Me: thank you mum. You such a beautiful young lady to. I wonder how you are the wife of a man like my dad I must confess..

Susan: hahaha..I knew you wanted to asked this the first time I entered the house. Well it seems crazy but I just love your dad. He is such a responsible man. I hope you appreciate me as a step mum. Am just 25 and I know it will b hard to accept that. She giggled.

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Me: no problem about that. Is nice meeting you and enjoy your stay.

I left for town to visit a friend. I came to the house later in the evening around 5:47pm jessica was already in the house. Susan had prepared rice and some stew but I was not feeling for rice that day. I wanted to take pizza. I asked Jessica to escort me to “is my kitchen restaurant” to get pizza. Dad was in his room with Susan so we gave him a call that we were going out.

Jessi and I drove to get the pizza. We got back in an hour time.
She couldn’t eat much cos she had already take in some rice.

We sat in the sofa and watched some documentary. Jessi and I talked a little about Susan. We both got to like her except she was too young.
We sat in the hall till it was 9pm.

Jessi was dozing off so she left to her room. I stayed till it was around 10:15pm before I decided to go to my room. As I walk pass my dads room I heard a slow p@nting voice. I got attracted to it so i walked close to have a clear picture about what was going on. Upon getting close I realized my dad was baptizing that Susan. The voice of susan alone heightened my level of heart pump in me.

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The craziness in me entered my head, touched my heart before releasing them into my waist. My d–k instantly got elongated. I couldnt help the pressure than to ran back to my room.

I picked up my phone at once to call one girl on campus I just proposed to but she never picked the call. Hmmm I didn’t know how I slept till the next day…

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