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Guys Let’s Talk, Name One Rapper Better Than Vector In Nigeria


We have all been unfortunate to be bombarded with idiotic, basic and all too over-used sexual innuendos and sometimes sexual lyrics from the so-called rappers we have in Nigeria today. Rappers,  that derive joy from debasing whatever language they communicate in, objectifying women and downright promoting all sorts of illegal activities.

However, Vector is one of the very few intellectually sound rappers Nigerians are lucky to have in the game today.

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Not only is this extremely brilliant act a welcome air to the few who have the ear for good music, he ensures to give those intellectually challenged a dose of what good music is all about.

This young man has effortlessly doled out poetry [which rap should be about] academically and artistically, an act he magnificently does stepping on some corn/bunion infected toes in the process.

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A beautiful wonderful storyteller who tells stories with poignant statements yet paints beautiful pictures. Vector does cerebral raps making metaphors and pun his bitch yet never allowing his beautiful command of English/indigenous language easily digested by those found wanting in this field.

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So guys let’s talk;

 Name One Rapper Better Than Vector In Nigeria

I’ll wait for the names in the comment section.


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