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My Escapades In The North – Season 1 Episode 3


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It was a sunny day and I was sitting close to a swimming pool. I was reading a book on my phone and was shocked when I saw Zainab come to the pool in her bikini. D–n, this babe had a body to die for. She had lovely pair of d-cup boobs and a nice rounded a-s. Her legs looked like she was contesting for ‘Miss hot legs’.

She and her friends were playing in the pool and I recognized some of them from her department. The sound of their squealing and laughter filled the air, which made lose interest in the book I was reading and concentrated on them.

As they were playing, one of her friends mistakenly grabbed her bikini top and pulled it down.

**Chisos!! :o** Staring at me was one of the most perfect boobs I have seen in a long time. The n—-e was fully erect because of the cold water and was surrounded by a very nice pink areola, the size of a coin. My mamba immediately began stirring in my shorts.

She definitely must have seen me looking at her, because before covering herself up, she looked at me and smiled. This just made my mamba grow harder. I looked back on my phone and pretended not to have seen her, but my knickers was telling a different story.

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I was trying to concentrate on the book I was reading, but the sight of her exposed boobs haunted my mind. I kept stealing glances at the pool every now and again and I found her looking at me too.

After several minutes of playing in the pool, they got out to get something to drink. I was watching them go to the bar when suddenly Zainab began catwalking towards me.

I couldn’t help but stare at her delicious body in the wet polka dotted pink bikini she wore. It had become semi transparent and I could clearly see the outlines of her n—–s and the surrounding darker areas.

As I looked down towards her leg, I saw what looked like the outline of her ‘cunnies’ pushing against the thin material. My mamba was showing its appreciation for such sight by trying to bust through my shorts. I was still watching her when suddenly she knelt down before me, zipped down my shorts and brought out my already stiff mamba and began sU-Cking it.

As she did that her friends gathered around and began watching us and giggling.**Chisos!! 😮 ** I tapped her and pointed. ‘People are watching!!!’ She looked up at me, smiled and continued sU-Cking. Since she didn’t seem to mind, I began to enjoy what she was doing. But after several minutes, as I raised up my head, I saw her mother walking towards us with a dagger…

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WTF!!! 😮

With that shock, I sat up! I saw all the images before me gradually disappearing. I looked at myself and realized I was sweating and was back in my room. **D–n! I’ve been dreaming.**

I also saw Chisom kneeling before me holding my mamba. Obviously she had been sU-Cking it. She realized I was tensed up and asked what the matter was. I told her it was nothing and got up to the bathroom.

I stood in the shower for some minutes allowing water drip down my skin. I was now relaxed and so was my mamba. I was thinking about my dream and wished it was real. Some minutes later, the door of the bathroom door was opened and Chisom walked in. She had taken off her knickers and was putting on only her singlet which barely covered her a-s.

I was facing the wall and backing her. She held me and pressed her boobs against my back. **ohhhh**My thoughts came back to her and I gently sq££zed her a-s. She gasped at the touch. I turned around, kissing her deeply and passionately, pressing myself on her. The feel of my skin against hers sent electric shocks through her, and she wanted it all.

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She got on her knees, wrapping her fingers around my mamba, putting into her mouth and sU-Cking desperately on it. A groan escaped my lips as my fingers entwined in her wet hair. The shower was still running as she bobbed up and down my mamba for a few minutes, trying to take me in and out of her throat. She then stood, took off her top and pulled me out of the shower into the room.

**:-X Chai, this babe badt o :-X**
She dragged me into the room and la!d down on the rug, opening her legs, wanting me in her

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

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